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"We really cannot say enough about Carolina and River Walks. She does so much for our dogs and for us, from peace of mind to helping out in a time crunch. While I am almost hesitant to sing her praises for fear of having to compete on her schedule, we can't let that stop us from giving her the credit she so richly deserves. When Carolina first came to our house to meet our then Doberman, Blue, we could see that she was "the one." Blue immediately took to Carolina, and so did we. Carolina is extremely engaged, dedicated and thorough in her planning and care. She graciously suffered through my over-protective dog parenting and detailed lists of care instructions. As Blue aged, he eventually needed additional care and Carolina was fully engaged in a way that we could only hoped for. Without Carolina, I don't know how we would have gotten through the difficult time. After losing Blue, Carolina knew we would not be long without a 4-legged fur baby. In fact, she knew us so well that she held the spot for our family for daily visits. Who ever heard of a business doing such a thing?! A few weeks later when we adopted a pit bull mix, she was at our door without hesitation, ready to get to know and love our new baby. Six months later when we adopted a second pit bull mix, Carolina was again ready to heart.


Jake and Dolly absolutely love Carolina. We love her too! Carolina is dependable, conscientious, engaged, caring and any other positive adjective you can think of. The daily status  updates give me peace of mind, and also help us to better care for our dogs as she provides perspective and input. We also love the pictures she takes; getting to see and hear about the funny antics. The overnight in-home care is far and away the most valuable thing to us. I had a very bad experience with overnight boarding many years ago, and will not board my pets. Knowing Carolina is in our home caring for our pets allows us the freedom to travel with confidence. We trust her implicitly in the care of our dogs, and she has always made well thought out and appropriate decisions. The nightly update with pictures is the best of my day when we travel. 

Carolina fully dedicates herself to all her animal clients. She seeks out educational opportunities to grow and develop as a caregiver and business owner. She shares information with her clients 1:1 and through her newsletters to help us grow as pet owners too. My family depends on her reliability and fully engaged care of our dogs. She's amazing and we are ever thankful that we found her!"

Leah & TJ Christl (Jake & Dolly too)

"As multiple dog owners who have dealt with several pet sitting companies over the past 30 years, we can say without reservation that Carolina is the most conscientious and caring pet sitter we have ever encountered. Indeed, we didn't think it was possible to find such a high quality of care. Carolina came into our lives just about a year ago (2014), when we were interviewing for a new pet care person. From the minute that she walked in the door and met our two dogs we knew that we didn't need to look any further. One of our dogs is a very "enthusiastic" greeter, and Carolina quickly had him calm and sitting next to her on the sofa wagging his tail. She was articulate and professional and asked us all the right questions, and it was clear that she had spent her whole life with animals and truly understood them.

During the past year, she has taken care of the dogs on many occasions - everything from one overnight to two weeks and everything in between. She checks in with us by e-mail a few days before our trip, arrives when she says she will, spends quality time with the dogs, and always sends us detailed written updates and pictures (and the dogs are always smiling). When we arrive home the dogs are happy, the house is spotless, and the dogs say a quick hello then start looking for their buddy, Carolina. Her attention to detail means that we can go away without concerns about whether or not the dogs will be well-cared for. That peace of mind is priceless.


Therefore, you should never hire Carolina because we want to make sure that when we need her she is available."  

Claire & Jack

"I am very happy I found River Walks Pet Care. I called without knowing anything about River Walks but found Carolina to be very friendly, cheerful, and dependable. I especially liked the fact that Carolina emailed me each day I was away telling me how my pet was doing - she also included pictures, which I really enjoyed . I would definitely recommend River Walks Pet Care to anyone in need of pet services. I'll be calling Carolina the next time I travel, for sure."


"We discovered River Walks Pet Care a few years ago through our vet. We were looking for someone reliable to take care of our pets and to check in on the house while we were away. What we love about River Walks Pet Care is the reliability of service and knowing that our pets (and house) are treated well while we are away. Carolina always sends an email update when she visits our cats so we get to see some great pictures while we're away. She's also been flexible with scheduling and has been available on short notice which has been great for our family. We've been thrilled with the service!"

Jesse & Savannah

"Carolina is the best thing for our two boys, Argon & Spencer (cats) when we are out of town. We are very impressed and greatly appreciate what Carolina does for us while looking in on them. We love getting the picture updates every day that she looks in on them. They certainly have taking a liking to her. No sooner as she enteres our place, they run to her and greet her. They usually are running off when people come over. Just knowing she is there looking in on our guys is a load off minds and we can relax. She goes out of her way to make sure the cats are well taken care of by sitting with them for a while and keeping them company. We have even recommended her to our apartment community. If I knew of other friends that needed a sitter she would be at the top. 

Thanks for everything you have done for us as well as everything in the future."

Marc & Charley

"River Walks Pet Care is by far the best pet service around. I travel quite a bit for work and was really worried about leaving my 4 month old kitten home alone; not to mention missing her. Carolina is an invaluable resource. She has made suggestions about things to do to make the home more pet friendly when I am away. She plays with her for 30 minutes every day, changes her litter and refreshes her water and food, But the best thing is the email she sends me every day with 3-4 pictures of Noel. The email keeps me from missing her so much and in my opinion is above and beyond what I expect from a pet service. Noel seems fine when I arrive back home and I no longer worry about her being home alone when I travel. This is simply the best!!!"

Nancy L. 

"Whenever we are out of town we know that our two cats will be in excellent hands when Carolina from River Walks takes care of them. She takes the time to provide written updates (including pictures) with every visit. We really apprecaite these detailed updates and seeing photos of our cats while we are away. It's obvious when we return home that our kitties have been well cared for, and that they really enjoyed her visits. Carolina includes many things in her visits, such as administering my cat's asthma medication, which really provides an extra value to her services. We would highly recommend Carolina for any pet owner who wants a kind, caring, dependable, and experienced pet sitter for when they are away."

Cathy & Mat 

"Carolina has been a wonderful addition to our and our pets' lives! We have had her over twice now to check on our three cats when we go away. She gladly accepts specific instructions for how to feed them and respects their individual personalities, she has already been happily greeted by our standoffish girl. She is able to manage our home alarm, and is mindful to bring in the mail and pick up the dirty cat bowls off the floor. I was surprised by the attention to detail the first time she came over. I know she spends time socializing and being present with the cats, instead of just feeding and scooping and rushing out the door. We can tell she truly loves and understands animals and their needs. Have you ever wondered while away, "I wonder what the pets are doing?" I do, every time we go away, and I am now delighted to receive a thorough email describing Carolina's visit with pictures of our three and a tip or two if she sees anything that might help. Carolina is welcome in our home and gives me peace of mind when we are away. I would gladly recommend her for any family needing some care and company for their fuzzy loved ones while away from the home."


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